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Yam dry

Ingredients: yam (boiled and cut into pieces) oil (3 tbsp) mustard seeds (1/2 tbsp) turmeric powder (1/2 tbsp) asafetida powder (1/2 tbsp) corn flour or gram flour (1/2 tbsp) salt to taste. curry leaves red chilly powder (1 tbsp) Method… Read More »Yam dry

Beetroot poriyal

Ingredients: coconut (grated 1/2 cup) coriander seeds (powdered 1 tbsp) beetroot (boiled and chopped) oil (3 tbsp) mustard seeds (1/2 tbsp) turmeric powder (1/2 tbsp) Asafetida powder(1/2 tbsp) salt to taste coriander leaves Method: Make a mixture of grated coconut… Read More »Beetroot poriyal

Lemon Rasam

Ingredients: Lemon Green Chilly Ginger Tomatoes Tur Dal Curry leaves Coriander Leaves Turmeric powder Asafetida powder Pepper powder Jeera powder / Cumin Seed powder Method: Cut green chilly, ground ginger, chop tomatoes in a cooking bowl. Add turmeric powder and… Read More »Lemon Rasam

Cauliflower poriyal (Dry)

Ingredients: Cauliflower Oil Curry leaves Mustard seeds Coriander leaves Urad dal Turmeric powder Asafetida powder Green Chilly Onion Method: Cut cauliflower and soak it in hot water for 10 min. Drain the water and keep it aside. In a bottom… Read More »Cauliflower poriyal (Dry)