Sweet dish

Chocolate Date pudding

Chocolate Date pudding

This crusty Chocolate Date pudding  is an absolutely delicious recipe & very simple to make for this Christmas and new year. Ingredients Pitted dates (2 cups) water(3/4th cup) Sugar(1 & 1/3 cup) Vanilla essence (1 tbsp) Cooking cream(1/3 cup) Cooking Chocolate (chopped, half slab/1 cup) Egg white( of 6 eggs) Butter (to grease the bake dish) Icing …

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Jam tart

Jam tarts

These jam tarts are very simple to make and a perfect delight for Christmas. It is a wonderful dish which can be made very easily. Ingredients All purpose flour (2 cups) Unsalted butter(100 gms, chopped) Icing sugar (3 tbsp) Egg yolk(of 1 egg) Fruit jam/jam of your choice Method In a bowl add all purpose …

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Eggless almond cake

Eggless Almond Cake

A very simple recipe how to make Egg-less Almond Cake for this Christmas. The recipe requires almond flour along with refined flour Ingredients Almonds (25 gms) Sugar (1 cup) All purpose flour (1 cup) Baking soda(1 tsp) Yogurt (1 cup) Oil (1/2 cup) Method Pre-heat oven at 180 Degree Celsius for 10 minutes. Powder the …

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rava ladoo

Rava ladoo

Rava ladoo is very simple to make and made with only 4 ingredients. It is a combination of Semolina, sugar, some ghee and dry fruits. Ingredients Cashew nuts(roasted in ghee, 1 tbsp) Semolina(1 cup) Powdered sugar (1/2 cup) Cardamom powder (a pinch) Ghee(1/3 cup, melted) Method Heat a pan, add semolina and broil it in …

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Gajar ka halwa

Gajar ka halwa is  a popular Indian dessert, made of fresh carrots. This is a very easy version of making Gajar ka halwa as I will be using microwave to use this dish. Ingredients Carrots (1/2 kg, grated) Milk(1/2 cup) Sugar (1/2 cup) Ghee (2 tbsp) Cardamom (powdered, of 2 cardamom pods/ a pinch) cashewnuts …

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Paal ada Payasam (Milk dessert)

Paal ada Payasam (Milk dessert)

A very simple milk and rice pudding (milk dessert), Paal ada payasam (or pal ada payasam) is a popular Kerala dessert dish served after meals/feast during festivals & weddings. Ingredients Paal ada /Rice pasta bits (3 tbsp) Milk (1 liter) Sugar(1/2 cup) Cardamom powder (1/2 tsp) Ghee/Clarified butter( 1/2 tsp) Method Boil milk in a …

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Whole wheat milk cookie

Whole wheat milk cookie

Whole wheat milk cookie is a wonderful breakfast and can be served with a glass of milk or tea. It is easy and quick to make. Ingredients Whole wheat flour (1 cup) Powdered sugar(1/2 cup) Cardamom pods(4, powdered) Butter(1/2 cup, softened) Milk (1/3 cup) Method Pre-heat oven at 180 degree Celicus for 10 minutes. Sift …

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