Gajar ka halwa

Gajar ka halwa is  a popular Indian dessert, made of fresh carrots. This is a very easy version of making Gajar ka halwa as I will be using microwave to use this dish. Ingredients Carrots (1/2 kg, grated) Milk(1/2 cup) Sugar (1/2 cup) Ghee (2 tbsp) Cardamom (powdered, of 2 cardamom pods/ a pinch) cashewnuts …

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Paprika barbecued corn

Paprika barbecued corn

Corn coated with spice, butter and garlic, seasoned with black pepper and barbecured. It is a healthy and yummy snack. Click here to watch video recipe on YouTube Ingredients: Corn (1, pealed) Paprika powder/Deghi mirch powder (1/2 tsp) Butter (1 tbsp, melted) Garlic (2, crushed) Peppercorn (1/2 tsp) Salt (a pinch) Method: In a bowl, …

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Mango trifle

Mango Trifle

Mango trifle is a dessert recipe great for parties, potluck or simply a get together. Its very easy to make with less efforts Ingredients: Plain Cakes (flat,1/2 inch thick, 2 layers) Mango Jelly (1 bowl) Ripe Mango (1 Kg) Sugar syrup (1/2 cup) Custard powder (2 tbsp) Sugar (4 tbsp) Milk (1/2 liter) Method/Instructions: Peal …

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Mango delight

Mango (4 easy recipes)

  Ingredients: Mangoes (2, full ripe) Milk Sugar as per taste (*Optional) Cardamom (2) Curd Method: To make Mango pulp Remove the skin of mangoes and cut them in pieces. Blend it in a blender by adding little water and make a pulp. Remove it in a bowl Add sugar as per taste (optional) Mango pulp …

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Mango Rice manga sadam

Mango Rice

Mango Rice or Manga Sadam called in Tamil is a rice preparation and is flavored with raw mango.It is very delicious and has a sour and salty taste. It is an authentic recipe of Tamil Nadu. Enjoy the recipe during this mango season.   Ingredients: Raw peanuts (1 tbsp) Curry leaves (few) Boiled rice (1 bowl, …

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Raw Mango Chutney

With the seasons changing and the summer advancing, the markets are flooded with raw mangoes these days. While I am eagerly waiting for the ripe mango to hit the market, I remembered some of the recipes that were made by my mom during summer. Summer would mean an endless variety of dishes made with mango. …

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