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Beans toran(Long beans in coconut)

Here is a simple and delicious recipe that my mom would make for me and I enjoyed it every time she made. Hope you enjoy it as well!


  • long beans (fine chopped)
  • coconut (less than 1/2 grated)
  • green chillies (3)
  • curry leaves
  • garlic (3 bulbs)
  • chopped onion (1)
  • cumin seeds/Jeera (1 tbsp)
  • water
  • mustard seeds (1 tbsp)
  • turmeric powder (1 tbsp)
  • dried red chily(1)
  • salt
  • coconut oil


  1. Ground coconut grated, green chilles, cumin seeds/jeera, curry leaves, garlic, 1/4 cup water  and make it into a paste.
  2. Heat coconut oil, add mustard seeds, add red chillies, onion chopped, long beans chopped, salt and turmeric powder and saute. Close it with a lid and cook it for about 5 minutes in a slow flame.
  3. Add the coconut paste to the beans and mix well. Close it with a lid for another 2 minutes on low flame.
  4. Garnish it with some grated coconut.
  5. Beans toran (Pyre toran) is  ready to be served.

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