Do you have a microwave at home? Good. Let’s use it!: Microwave recipe book.

Hello Everybody. So exited to share with you Microwave recipe book. It is an ebook available on kindle in

The book on microwave cooking and recipes is carefully crafted for you to understand the method and technique to cook food in microwave. The recipes are very simple. This book is full of Indian traditional food recipes made using microwave cooking method.
Usually microwave in households in India is used for heating cold food, beverages etc. Let’s make some tasty use of this furniture.
This book is especially designed for modern day women/men to put in least effort and get most out of it.
It will also teach you to invent your own recipes and try experimenting with ingredients and time to make your own masterpiece dishes.
So enjoy the adventure of microwave cooking from this Microwave recipe book.

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Happy cooking to you 🙂