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Meat recipe

Siya Mirch Batair

Ingredients : Titter bird meat Ginger garlic paste Salt as per taste Red chilly Coconut grated (25 gms) Cashewnut (25 gms) Water (1 cup) Coriander leaves Garlic Green chillies. Black pepper powder (1/2 Tsp) Method: To make green masala, crush… Read More »Siya Mirch Batair

Tarashe Kabab

Ingredients: Chicken slice Ginger garlic paste Salt Black pepper Green chilly Coriander leaves Lemon juice Garlic Oil Method: Crush green chillies, garlic and coriander leaves to make a green masala paste. Cut chicken slice and marinate it with ginger garlic… Read More »Tarashe Kabab

Lagan ka Murg

Ingredients: Dry coconut (1 cup) Cashewnut (20) Poppy seeds (4 tbsp) Salt as per taste Chicken (2 kg) Red chilly powder(2 tbsp) Garam masala powder (1 1/2 tbsp) Ginger garlic paste (100 gms) Ghee (150 gms) Green chillies (10-12 pieces)… Read More »Lagan ka Murg

kache ghost ki biriyani

Kache Gosht Ki Biriyani

The blending of Mughlai and Telangana cuisines in the kitchens of the Nizam, ruler of the historic Hyderabad State, resulted in the creation of Hyderabadi Biryani. This Biryani is a Hyderabadi dish based on basmati rice and goat meat. Ingredients: Fried… Read More »Kache Gosht Ki Biriyani