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Meat recipe

Easy Prawn Dry

Ingredients: Prawn (250 gms) Salt as per taste Red chilly powder (1 tsp) Turmeric powder (1 tsp) Lemon juice (1 tbsp) Onion (1 medium) Pepper corn (1 tbsp) Garlic paste (1 tbsp) Oil (3 tbsp) Method: Wash and peal prawns.… Read More »Easy Prawn Dry

Easy Prawn Curry

Ingredients Prawns (250 gm) Red chilly powder (1 tbsp) Turmeric powder (1 tsp) Tamarind pulp ( 2 inch tamarind) Ginger (1 piece) Onion (2) Curry leaves Green chilly (1 long piece) Coconut milk (250 ml) Coconut oil (2 tbsp) Salt… Read More »Easy Prawn Curry