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Festival recipe

Jam tart

Jam tarts

These jam tarts are very simple to make and a perfect delight for Christmas. It is a wonderful dish which can be made very easily. Ingredients All purpose flour (2 cups) Unsalted butter(100 gms, chopped) Icing sugar (3 tbsp) Egg… Read More »Jam tarts


Diwali special : Karinji

Kariji is a sweet dish made with refined flour and stuffed with coconut, poppy seed and dry fruits. It is deep fried for a crisp finish. Ingredients For the dough: Maida/Refined flour (1 cup) Semolina( 1/3 cup) Ghee/unsalted butter(1 tbsp)… Read More »Diwali special : Karinji

besan ladoo

Besan ka Ladoo

Besan ka ladoo is a Diwali sweet dish and is very flavorful, made of ghee, and besan, wonderful sweets for this Diwali with special treat. Ingredients Cardamom (4, skin pealed) Ghee/Clarified butter (1/3 cup) Bengal gram flour(1 1/2 cups) Cashew-nuts(1… Read More »Besan ka Ladoo

Idli dosa

How to make Idli & Dosa

Idli is a rice steamed cake and Dosa is crispy rice pancake seasoned with salt. Idli and dosa are very popular South Indian breakfast dishes. Ingredients: Idli dosa batter- Show how to make Idli dosa batter Cooking oil (1/2 tsp) Method:… Read More »How to make Idli & Dosa


How to make sambar

Sambar is a lentil stew from Kerala. Every family will have a variation to this however lentils and vegetables are common to every recipe.  This recipe is a variation of Sambar. Click here to view video recipe on YouTube Ingredients:… Read More »How to make sambar