Egg in bread Breakfast recipe

Egg in bread breakfast recipe



Egg (1)

Bread (1 slice)

Butter to grease

Cheese (grated for garnish)

Salt (a pinch)

Pepper powder (a pinch)


Cut the bread slice from its center into a round shape. Separate the round center from the bread slice and keep them aside.

Heat a non-stick pan. Spread some butter over it.

Place the cut bread slice over it.

Break an egg and pour it at the center of the bread slice where it was cut to fill it.

Apply butter on top of the bread slice and place some on the egg.

Take the center of the bread, apply butter over it and roast it as well.

Turn the other side and cook till it becomes harsh brown in color.

Take the circle of the bread toast out of the pan and place it in a serving dish.

Take the egg in bread in a dish and garnish it with grated cheese.

Egg bread recipe is now ready for a quick breakfast.