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Ask Veena

Welcome to Ask Veena show

Ask Veena is my brand new weekly show which features an actual question submitted by someone like you

Why Ask Veena

I used to get many questions on my recipes which i used to answer via the comments or by email. Over time I realised that many people have the same queries

Hence I decided to start a show which will answer all your queries on cooking on your favourite Youtube channel

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Submitting a question


Submitting your question is very easy. Send in your query to [email protected]


You can also record your question on this site itself using the recorder below. Just remember to keep the question under a minute and do let me know your name and where you are from.

Please do remember that by asking the question you are allowing me to use it in the video and share it publicly.


Also note that it might not be possible to answer all questions in case the volume of questions increase. I might increase the number of days in future but incase you need any reply, please do send in your queries via email to [email protected]. I do answer all of my mails


Support Veena’s Kitchen.

This Amazon search box has my affiliate link so in case you search something with this search box and buy something from Amazon, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. This small contribution from your end will help support this site. Thank you

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