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Adai recipe

adai for breakfast

Adai is a very healthy pancake made from lentil and rice. It is popular in TamilNadu and can be enjoyed by all. It is completely gluten free as well.


  • Idli rice (1/3 cup)
  • Red gram dal (Tur dal)
  • Bengal gram dal(1/2 cup)
  • Black gram dal (urad dal) (1/4 cup)
  • Green gram dal (mung dal)(1 tbsp)
  • Dried red chillies(4)
  • Freshly grated coconut(3 tbsp)
  • Water(1 cup)
  • Regular rice(sona masoori)(1/3 cup)


  1. In a bowl, wash and soak raw rice like sona masoori and idli rice for 1 hour.
  2. In another bowl wash and soak the lentils like red gram dal(tur dal), bengal gram dal(chana dal), black gram dal(urad dal), green gram dal(moong dal) for 1 hour. Drain water from the rice and lentils.
  3. Add both the rice and lentils in a mixer grinder. Add the dried red chillies, freshly grated coconut and little by little water to make a thick coarse batter. I have added 1 cup of water and grind them together.
  4. Pour the batter in a bowl and will make pancakes of it. For that, heat a pan, add 2 tbsp of batter and spread it evenly.
  5. Add few drops of cooking oil on its sides and cook it on medium flame for 2 minutes.
  6. Once one side is cooked, turn the other side and cook for another couple of minutes.
  7. Once both sides are cooked take it off the flame.

    Serve hot Addai along with coconut chutney.

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