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5 tips to prepare Indian food for lunch during a work day

1) Plan in advance

Planning your work day. Why not add planning your meal into the equation. A quick list made before you leave work will help you to buy your groceries on your way back from office. This will help you keep track of what are you planning to make for the next day, contemplate on whether it is a healthy option or you will be eating out.

2) Prepare bulk gravies on weekend.

Gravies like Bhuna Masala, help you speed up the cooking process and save time you spend in trying to caramelise the onion to golden brown colour. These gravies can be made well in advance and store well so make what you will need for a week and put it into the refrigerator.

3) Prep the night before and keep things organised

Keeping things organised and ready to go in containers like this Rubbermaid Easy Find Lid Food Storage Set, 40-Piece
helps save precious time in the morning before you rush to work. Cutting your vegetables the night before or boiling dal for the morning is helpful. Also keep the utensils, pots and pans and kitchen towels organised so that you don’t have to spend time searching for it

4) Make one pot meals for the work day.

Interesting one pot meals like Biryani, ensure that they are filling at the same time require very less time to make of your prep is done in advance. Do try and incorporate it at least 2 times a week to ensure that the workload is reduced. If making a subji and chapatti, make the dough in advance the night before.

5) Breakfast

Breakfast will suck out precious time that you have to make lunch. If possible incorporate the elements of breakfast for lunch. Leftover chapatti from breakfast can become a Kathi roll for lunch.

6) If you are in Mumbai, use the dabbawalla service. It works


What do you do to save time during a work week?